Try the new perfect pair: Wisconsin Cheese and chocolate.
One traditionally savory. The other traditionally sweet.
Alone, they count among our favorite indulgences.
But together, they transform into something simply sensational.

The Wisconsin Cheese & Chocolate Pairing Guide is the perfect place to find pairing ideas for two of our greatest culinary treasures—Wisconsin Cheese and chocolate. Their varying flavor profiles make them as fun and rewarding to bring together as cheese and wine.

The guide features 11 beautifully photographed pairings to make for any occasion, among them:

  • Aged Wisconsin Gouda with Dark Chocolate English Toffee
  • Wisconsin Cave-Aged Cheddar with Chocolate-Dipped Bacon
  • Wisconsin Blue Cheese with Dark Chocolate Truffles and Port Wine
  • Wisconsin Aged Mixed-Milk Cheese with Dark Chocolate Sea-Salted Caramels

Download the free, easy-to-use Wisconsin Cheese & Chocolate Pairing Guide complete with tasting tips and additional pairing ideas today. Enjoy!