The Quality/Safety of Wisconsin's Dairy Products

Today's consumers are demanding quality in the food products they purchase. Cheese and dairy products from Wisconsin have had a strong reputation for quality and value, thanks to the dedicated efforts of our dairy producers, our manufacturers, and our marketers. For over a decade and a half, the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board, Inc., (WMMB) has helped reinforce and maintain this quality image in the national marketplace. But the quest for improved quality continues as WMMB works with our manufacturers and our producers to enhance and assure the quality of our dairy products at every link in the marketing chain – from our farms all the way to the consumer's table.

WMMB is working with our dairy producers, our manufacturers and our marketers on integrated dairy food programs that help ensure all dairy products from Wisconsin are safe and of the highest quality. These programs combine new technologies and new quality management practices with our century-old commitment to quality and craftsmanship. This ongoing effort underscores Wisconsin's longstanding commitment to providing consumers with the best quality cheese and dairy products available.

Quality Programs on our Dairy Farms

The production of safe wholesome dairy products begins with the production of quality milk on our dairy farms here in Wisconsin. Dairy producers work with many resources and experts to help them maintain the health of their dairy cows and the quality of the milk they produce. A combination of on-farm “best management practices”, stringent regulatory requirements and regular on-farm quality assurance inspections help ensure that all of our cheese and dairy products begin with quality raw milk. Check out these resource links for more information about milk quality programs on Wisconsin farms.

Quality Programs in Our Dairy Plants

Wisconsin dairy processors and manufacturers continue to carry the commitment to quality through to the marketplace as they transform the milk made on our farms into cheese and dairy products. The Wisconsin Master Cheesemaker® Program and the dairy product safety/quality programs offered through the Wisconsin Center for Dairy Research are two examples of this commitment to quality. These resource links provide more information on dairy product quality and safety: